Join the BIND 10 External Test Program!

It's fun! It's easy!

Active participants (who do 3 or more reports, whether completing surveys or bug reports) will get a Bundy t-shirt!

  • Send a note to [shane@…] to express your interest. Please tell us at a high level what you plan to do (for example, "We're putting it on our AS112 server" or "just one Debian box in a corner of a lab").
  • Download the latest BIND 10 release (or use Git for the very latest code) and try it out.
  • We will be adding sign-up, installation, and other feedback forms to this site.
  • We will send reminders of new releases and other BIND 10 events to participants.
  • We suggest beta participants join the BIND 10 Users list for discussion with other early adopters and our developers.

Thank you!

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