Evan wanted to know how to generate doxygen files, and Jinmei provided the following answer through e-mail:

In our specific case of BIND 10 C++ sources with doxygen markups, it
should be easy:

- install doxygen (I guess many OSes have a handy package version of
  doxygen if not already installed.  I use macport version of it)
- add the necessary directory (if not yet) to the INPUT tag of

# The INPUT tag can be used to specify the files and/or directories that contain
# documented source files. You may enter file names like "myfile.cpp" or
# directories like "/usr/src/myproject". Separate the files or directories
# with spaces.

INPUT                  = ../src/lib/cc ../src/lib/config ../src/lib/dns ../src/lib/exceptions

- run doxygen
  % cd doc
  % doxygen
- see the result by opening doc/html/cpp/index.html using your browser
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