BIND 10 has been making regular developmental prototype releases throughout the project's second year.

Looking at the release from the point of view of our sated goals, we will have met these:

  • Working Resolver - we will have a working resolver
    • Cache - we will have a working cache
  • Hot-spot caching - we will have a hot-spot cache for SQL performance
  • At least as fast as BIND 9 in query performance - we will have similar performance to BIND 9, although not as fast
  • Command Language - we will have a prototype used to collect feedback
  • Data sources
    • High-performance data source - we will have medium-performance
  • Statistics
    • Command-line - we will have command-line statistics reporting

We will probably not have these:

  • Statistics
    • XML - we will probably not have XML statistics reporting

We will not have these:

  • DNSSEC validation - we will not have DNSSEC validation
  • DDNS - we will not have DDNS
  • IXFR - we will not have IXFR
  • Data sources
    • BDB - we will not have BDB
    • PostgreSQL - we will not have PostgreSQL
    • MySQL - we will not have MySQL

We have made significant progress towards DDNS and IXFR, so the "will not have" list is not as bad as it seems.

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