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BIND 10 is the next generation of BIND, the most widely-used DNS server on the Internet. BIND 10 is a five year development project, beginning year four on 2012-04-01. BIND 10 Alpha for the Authoritative server is here!

If you are...

...interested in following news about BIND 10, join the BIND 10 Announcement list, check out our NewsMedia, or read the BIND 10 category of the ISC Blogs.

...interested in trying out BIND 10, download the latest development snapshot, check it out from the repository, join the External Test Program or start with the BIND 10 Guide. See also hints for building BIND 10 specific to some operating systems.

...reporting a bug, create an account on this web site, then click New Ticket at the top.

...interested in joining our generous sponsors and donors, visit

...interested in being a BIND 10 developer, check out the resources below and make sure to join the BIND 10 Developers list.

...a core BIND 10 developer, visit key developer resources (coming soon).

...none of the above, possibly you should go to the ISC BIND 10 page our main web site.

Communication & Collaboration



  • TestEnvRequirements - requirements for test environment for BIND10 DNS and DHCP, that could also be reused for ISC DHCP4 and BIND9.
  • DhcpValidation - our plans for DHCP validation (including Kea and ISC DHCP4).


Project Management

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