This wikipage document the administration of the BIND 10 test-farm.

At this time there is one test farm server. It is running CentOS Linux and has been used to do some queryperf benchmarking of various authoritative DNS servers and with various configurations.

See DnsBenchmarks for the our standard benchmarks. See DnsBenchmarkIdeas for suggestions.

Test Farm systems

  • what hardware? physical? virtual?
  • what networks? physical? virtual?
  • Should BuildFarm be on same systems as the test farm?

What to test and types of tests

Standard build tests (on checkin, and scheduled) on various platforms. See BuildFarm wikipage.

Unit testing

API code test cases

protocol conformance testing, state diagrams

testing against other name server software (comparisons)

DNS testing tools

  • dnsperf
  • queryperf
  • resperf

Generic testing tools

  • smolder is a consumer for TAP and is for test suites Smoke Test Aggregator used by developers and testers to upload (automated or manually) and view smoke/regression tests using the Test Anything Protocol. Details and trends are graphed and notifications provided via email or Atom feeds.


Other software to compare with:

  • BIND 9.4.x named for recursive caching
  • BIND 9.6.1 named for recursive caching
  • BIND 9.4.x named for authoritative
  • BIND 9.6.1 named for authoritative
  • PowerDNS recursor (latest release) for recursive caching
  • PowerDNS server (latest release) for authoritative
  • djb dnscache for recursive caching
  • djb tinydns for authoritative
  • Unbound for recursive caching
  • NSD for authoritative
  • Nominum ANS/CNS/Vantio
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