This page describes setting up accounts for new BIND 10 development team members.

Developer Setup

In the first step, the developer sets up some information on their side.

Trac site

Developers need an account on the Trac site. To make this, they need to create it using the "Register" button on the upper right.

Git repository

Developers also need an account on our Git server, They need to create an SSH key that they will use to login to the server, and also to pick a login name.

Submit request

The developer can send the name of the Trac user, the name they want for the Git repository, and the public part of their SSH key to administrators of those sites, currently:

Jeremy Reed <jreed@…>
Shane Kerr <shane@…>

Administrator Setup

In the second step, the administrator creates accounts and updated credentials.

Trac site

The administrator needs to go to Admin (top right), Permissions (left) and then use the "Add Subject to Group" box on the right hand side. The Trac user will be the "Subject" and devteam will be the "Group".

Git account

The administrator needs to login to and use the "adduser" command to create the user, add the user to the Git group, and finally copy the SSH key to the user's home directory:

# NEWUSER=[username]
# adduser $NEWUSER
# usermod --append --groups bind10git $NEWUSER
# mkdir .ssh
# chown $NEWUSER:$NEWUSER .ssh
# cat [ssh_public_key] >> .ssh/authorized_keys
# chown $NEWUSER:$NEWUSER .ssh/authorized_keys
# chmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys
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