Sample System-Specific Install Notes

This page contains some tips on defining a page with system specific notes for installing or running Kea. Any format is possible - this is just a suggestion!

Introduction and System Description

Go ahead and say which system and which version of it you are installing to, and any other notes that you might want to include. For example "I'm using clang instead of gcc because it gives better performance in my testing" or something like that.

You should also document which version of Kea you installed.

Setup of Packaged Prerequisites

Here you can document how to install needed build packages using system-provided ones. So, for example "apt-get install g++ botan-dev log4cplus-dev".

Setup of Other Prerequisites

Here you can explain how to download, build, and install other dependencies that are not (yet?) available on the system.

Other System Setup

You may also mention changes to system configuration files or things like user creation, starting things on boot, or the like.

Building and Installing

This should be a very simple section, although you may want to list special flags for ./configure, or environment variables, or the like. But basically it should be "./configure && make && make install".

Notes on Running

If you have system specific notes on running the system, for example how to disable firewalls, or how to clean up log files, or the like, they can go here.

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