System Install Notes

The 0.9 version Kea does not support DHCP on Solaris.

These notes are quite dated. Keep in mind that many things have changed since they were created. In particular, Kea does not require python3 or SQLite. It can also use either OpenSSL or Botan, so Botan is no longer a strict dependency.

I used the sol-11-1111-text-x86.iso bootable installation image on vmware. After booting after installation, the DHCP was started with:

ipadm create-ip net0
ifconfig net0 dhcp start

(TODO: need to make sure this is enabled at next boot.)

Setup of Packaged Prerequisites

GCC and system include headers were installed using the Solaris Image Package System (IPS):

pkg install gcc-45
pkg install pkg://solaris/system/header

The IPS didn't have all the dependencies I needed, so I used "pkgsrc" (which is supported on Joyent, OpenIndiana? and other Solaris-type sytems). The "pkgsrc" tarball was retrieved from and I extracted it into my home. The standard packages to use it were installed (into my home) with:

cd pkgsrc/bootstrap
CPP="gcc -E" ./bootstrap --unprivileged --prefix ~/pkg

Then the dependencies were installed one by one by going into the package directory and running "~/pkg/bin/bmake install clean". This is a slow process as it fetches the source code and builds (including for dependencies).

cd ~/pkgsrc/lang/python33
~/pkg/bin/bmake install clean
cd ~/pkgsrc/databases/py-sqlite3
~/pkg/bin/bmake PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT=33 install clean
cd ~/pkgsrc/security/botan
~/pkg/bin/bmake install clean
cd ~/pkgsrc/devel/log4cplus
~/pkg/bin/bmake install clean
cd ~/pkgsrc/devel/boost-headers
~/pkg/bin/bmake install clean
cd ~/pkgsrc/devel/pkg-config
~/pkg/bin/bmake install clean

To build from git and do the C++ unittests too:

cd ~/pkgsrc/devel/scmgit-base
~/pkg/bin/bmake install clean
cd ~/pkgsrc/devel/automake
~/pkg/bin/bmake install clean
cd ~/pkgsrc/devel/googletest
~/pkg/bin/bmake install clean
cd ~/pkgsrc/devel/libtool
~/pkg/bin/bmake install clean

(TODO: need to make a pkgsrc meta-package to do all the dependencies.)

Now the dependencies will all be installed under ~/pkg/. They can be listed with "~/pkg/sbin/pkg_info".

Building and Installing

To use the pkgsrc-provided dependencies:

export PATH

And use the configure switches:

--with-log4cplus=~/pkg --with-boost-include=~/pkg/include --with-gtest=~/pkg

or (if that doesn't work) try this (assuming your username is jreed):

---with-log4cplus=/home/jreed/pkg --with-boost-include=/home/jreed/pkg/include --with-gtest=/home/jreed/pkg
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