The 0.9 version Kea does not support DHCP on Solaris.

These notes are quite dated. Keep in mind that many things have changed since they were created. In particular, Kea does not require python3 or SQLite. It can also use either OpenSSL or Botan, so Botan is no longer a strict dependency.

Solaris 10 Installation with gcc:


  • For installing packages, these instructions use pkgtuil from YMMV with other package systems.
  • These instructions use a few directory conventions that may not be very standard:
    • Hand-compiled installed software goes to ~/opt/<compiler>/<name>
    • Source trees go to ~/src/<compiler>/<name>
    • since '~' does not usually work with configure, the examples below use /export/home/jelte'; replace this with the appropriate directory for your system.

Install all prerequisites that have packages: (note: this list includes git for check out the source code, and for some reason I needed to install python 2 to be able to install python 3)

pkgutil -i git
pkgutil -i python
pkgutil -i python31_dev
pkgutil -i libsqlite3_dev
pkgutil -i sqlite3
pkgutil -i pkgconfig
pkgutil -i automake
pkgutil -i autoconf
pkgutil -i libtool
pkgutil -i gsed
pkgutil -i gcc4g++

The following dependencies had no package here so at the moment these have to be downloaded/compiled manually:


Compilation instructions:

./ --cc=gcc --prefix=/export/home/jelte/opt/gcc/botan-1.10.4
make install


./configure --prefix=/export/home/jelte/opt/gcc/log4cplus-
make install

gtest (optional, only for unit tests):

gtest does not have an 'install' target in its makefile, simply extract it to a directory (in this example /export/home/jelte/src/gcc/gtest-1.6.0), during the configure-step of BIND10 later we shall use the direct-from-source option (--with-gtest-source) for gtest, which will build gtest as part of the BIND 10 build process.


Simply unpack, no compilation necessary, BIND 10 only uses the headers.

There are two open issues:

  • #1905: -D_XPG6 did not appear to work, but changing pyconfig.h is a workaround that works.
    • edit /opt/csw/include/python3.1/pyconfig.h and comment out lines 1100 (#define _XOPEN_SOURCE) and 1103 (#define _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED)
  • #1725: no workaround yet, other than disabling that test;
    • when running make check, run: GTEST_FILTER=-get_sock.udp6_create make check

compile BIND 10:

autoreconf --install
./configure --with-botan-config=/export/home/jelte/opt/gcc/botan-1.10.4/bin/botan-config-1.10 --with-log4cplus=/export/home/jelte/opt/gcc/log4cplus- --with-gtest-source=/export/home/jelte/src/gcc/gtest-1.6.0 --with-boost-include=/export/home/jelte/src/gcc/boost_1_52_0 --prefix=/export/home/jelte/opt/gcc/bind10
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