Introduction and System Description

This page describes a setup of BIND10 on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.3, using BIND10 version from the git repository on 2013-02-05.

These notes are quite dated. Keep in mind that many things have changed since they were created. In particular, Kea does not require python3 or SQLite. It can also use either OpenSSL or Botan, so Botan is no longer a strict dependency.

The RHEL6 system requires registration so as it can be subscribed to Red Hat's Software Channels and thus get access to various repositories and system updates with "yum". The registration step is performed by your system's adminstrator.

Once the system has been registered, create a user account:

useradd -d /home/marcin -m -s /bin/bash -U marcin
passwd marcin

Setup of Packaged Prerequisites

Most of the developer tools can be installed via yum from the RHEL Server repository:

# yum install git
# yum install gcc
# yum install gcc-c++
# yum install automake
# yum install libtool
# yum install boost-devel
# yum install sqlite-devel

Botan and Google Test can be also installed via "yum" from the ''Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux'' (EPEL) repository: In order to enable the EPEL repository:

# rpm -Uvh

and then install Botan and Google Test:

# yum install botan-devel
# yum install gtest-devel

If the DHCP server is going to be configured to use MySQL lease database backend (optional) then the MySQL must be installed:

# yum install mysql-server
# yum install mysql-devel
# /etc/init.d/mysqld start

All other prerequisites are not available in the packaged version and need to be installed from sources as described in the next section.

Setup of Other Prerequisites

Python 3.2 installation:

$ wget
$ tar xf Python-3.2.3.tar.bz2
$ cd Python-3.2.3
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/python3
$ make
# make install

Log4Cplus installation:

$ wget
$ tar xf log4cplus-1.1.1-rc3.tar.bz2
$ cd log4cplus-1.1.1-rc3
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/log4cplus
$ make
# make install

Building and Installing

The BIND10 was checked out from git:

$ git clone git://
$ cd bind10

The following command lines was used to build and installed BIND10:

$ autoreconf --install
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/bind10 --with-gtest --with-log4cplus=/opt/log4cplus --with-pythonpath=/opt/python3/bin/python3
$ make
# make install

In case the MySQL lease data base backed is to be used for DHCP server add "--with-dhcp-mysql" option for the configuration:

$ autoreconf --install
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/bind10 --with-gtest --with-log4cplus=/opt/log4cplus --with-pythonpath=/opt/python3/bin/python3 --with-dhcp-mysql
$ make
# make install
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