Introduction and System Description

This documents installing BIND 10 from source on Gentoo Linux. These examples were on September 2012 Gentoo Linux on x86. The version of BIND 10 was latest master from git at that time.

These notes are quite dated. Keep in mind that many things have changed since they were created. In particular, Kea does not require python3 or SQLite. It can also use either OpenSSL or Botan, so Botan is no longer a strict dependency.

Setup of Packaged Prerequisites

all building tools were already installed by default, and "dev/devel" versions are allways included.

As root emerge:

  • dev-libs/boost
  • dev-libs/botan
  • dev-db/sqlite

and optionally:

  • dev-cpp/gtest
  • dev-python/setproctitle
  • dev-util/lcov
  • dev-python/coverage
  • dev-libs/libxslt
  • dev-util/valgrind

If from git install dev-vcs/git

For USE flags, threads and sqlite are required.

Should eselect a version 3 of python

Setup of Other Prerequisites

Also install log4cplus which is not available in default emerge packages.

tar xjf log4cplus- 
cd log4cplus-
sudo make install
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