This system notes describe a process to build a minimal Kea on FreeBSD 11. As of October 2016, Kea 1.0.0 is available from system packages. To install it, use:

pkg install kea

The following sections describe how to compile latest (1.1.0) Kea from sources. It does not cover installing optional dependencies (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Botan, Google test and other developer oriented tool). For those, see SystemNotesFreeBSD.

1. Install necessary dependencies.

We need to install git (only if you want to download the sources from git repository. You may skip it if you plan to use tarball), autotools (which will install automake, autoconf, libtool and several other libraries), boost-libs and log4cplus.

$ pkg install git
$ pkg install clang38
$ pkg install autotools
$ pkg install log4cplus
$ pkg install boost-libs

You need a crypto backend, that is either Botan or OpenSSL. Since OpenSSL is already installed, we will use that.

Kea configure script still checks if Python3 is installed, but will happily continue if it isn't. Python is not needed anymore and that useless check will be removed in future versions.

2. Download, build, and install Kea.

The following steps are necessary to download sources. You can either download a tarball from or use git command to clone the latest development version:

$ git clone
$ cd kea

Now you are ready to compile and install Kea:

$ autoreconf -if
$ ./configure
$ make

and as root:

# make install

Congratulations, you have the latest Kea installed.

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