Introduction and System Description

This documents installing BIND 10 from source on Fedora Linux. These examples were on Fedora 17 on x86_64. The version of BIND 10 was latest master from git.

Setup of Packaged Prerequisites

pkg-config and make were already installed by default.

sudo yum install gcc-c++
sudo yum install boost-devel    # but brings in unnecessary boost libraries
sudo yum install botan-devel python3 libsqlite3x-devel python3-devel log4cplus-devel

To build BIND 10 from git and do the C++ unittests too:

sudo yum install gtest-devel gtest
sudo yum install libtool    # also brought in autoconf and automake and gcc (if not already installed)
sudo yum install git

For the next step:

sudo yum install wget

Other goodies:

sudo yum install python3-setproctitle
sudo yum install readline-devel
sudo yum install valgrind
sudo yum install lcov
sudo yum install python-coverage

Setup of Other Prerequisites

Also install log4cplus which is not available in default yum package repo (note: it seems this is no longer true).

tar xjf log4cplus- 
cd log4cplus-
sudo make install
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