I realize a better, HOWTO-like document should be here, but I wasn't setting out to create one when I installed BIND 10, so this is just some notes.

I recently installed BIND 10 on an old Debian stable system, 5.0 (lenny). This was using the bind10-devel-20110705 release.

Most dependencies are available via packages. The following you'll need to download and install from source:

  • Botan
  • log4cplus
  • Boost
  • Python 3

For Botan, I used 1.10.1 from the Botan site:

For log4cplus, I used 1.0.4 from the SourceForge site:

For Boost, 1.47.0 worked:

Note that I built Boost, which might not be strictly necessary since we currently only use headers in BIND 10, but I didn't feel like figuring out how to do it "properly". Building Boost takes a long time, but it is unattended computer time. :)

For Python, I used 3.2.1:

Note that Python will happily build if missing optional functionality. In particular, you must install the libsqlite3-dev package before building Python 3 or BIND 10 will fail when it starts.

Once these dependencies are installed, then the normal "./configure && make && make install" works.

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