Subversion write access is disabled. We use Git now. See [GitGuidelines]. This page will be removed soon.

Some guidelines for working with the Subversion tree.

Anonymous access

Anonymous users have full read-only access to the repository, either on the Trac "Browse Source" or directly via svn, for example:

$ svn co svn://

For commit privileges or SSH access, please contact the Programme Manager, shane@…. To use SSH the "svn:" is replaced with "svn+ssh".


All code committed to the trunk must go through the code review procedure.

The trunk must compile at all times. If you make a change and a build fails, e-mail will get sent to bind10-team@…. You can find the results at all times here:

Experimental Directory

We have an "experimental" directory at the top of the Subversion tree. Code that is just meant for research and experiments should live there.

Branch Names

Naming branches with name+topic lets us know who made it and why.

configure script

For now we are using autoconf/automake. You can run the following to get the configure script:

autoreconf --install

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