DHCP Sprint Planning Meeting: 2012-01-25



Tickets remaining from last Sprint

Both related to documents awaiting feedbacK:

  • #1234 Option definition requirements
  • #1236 Option definition framework design

It was decided to close both tickets. We will review the documents again before implementing option definition.

Work done so far this year on Kea

Some work has been done, mostly related to system tests. However this work applies equally to Kea and to DHCPv4. Tomasz will create a ticket for it so we can keep track of it.

Action: Tomasz to create ticket for system test work.

Tickets for Sprint ending 6 February 2012

With the Kea meetings moving from Wednesdays to Mondays, the next sprint will end on Monday week, 6 February 2012 (total of 7 days).

We have tickets for the following tasks that could go into the sprint:

  • Omitted tasks
    • #1531 libdhcp++ documentation
  • Bugs
    • #1610 perfdhcp does not work with Kea
    • #1633 BIND10 does not compile on Mac OS X 10.7
      This was found by Joao. It should only require the #define of an OS X-specific macro to enable correct performance. As we don't have a 10.7 machine on which to test, Tomasz will create a branch for this and ask Joao to test it on his machine.
  • Refactoring work
    • #1540 Pkt6 & options for DHCPv6
    • #1268 Refactoring perfdhcp
    • #1528 Interface detection on Linux refactoring
    • #1555 listening on more than one interface (with timeout)
    • #1554 Tests for perfdhcp (possibly)
    • #1545 Use BIND10 logger
  • Review tasks
    • #1609 Review object breakdown (do after refactoring is complete)

The first part of work on Kea defined in the Comcast Sow comprises:

  • Abstract pool/lease store
    • Requirements
    • Interface design
    • Set of interface classes
    • Storage-independent lease handling logic

(Currently no tasks for these)

Bearing in mind Tomasz's commitments on DHCPv4 over the next few days, the following was agreed as the contents for the sprint:

  • Complete #1540 - Pkt6 & options for DHCPv6
  • Do the first pass of the requirements (task #1634 was created for this). This will be reviewed and a second ticket created for refactoring after comments have been received.
  • Fix #1633 (BIND 10 does not compile on OS X 10.7)
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