Sprint Planning for sprint ending 2012-05-15

Date: 2012-05-15


  • Jelte
  • Stephen
  • Shane
  • Aharen
  • Larissa
  • Fujiwara
  • Kambe
  • Jinmei
  • Michal
  • Jeremy
  • Mukund

Past sprint

Number of tickets closed: 29 Estimated count of closed: 97 (!) Number of tickets left new: 6 Estimated count of new: 40 (due to 'just-in-case'-addition of msgq work) Number of tickets assigned/in review: 7 Estimated count of active: 41 (mostly due to big 'log output mixed' ticket)

Current open defects: 289 (last sprint: 289)

1704 is in review, but maybe should not be...
It is mostly open after a bunch of discussion. 
Jeremy talked to the log4cplus devs, Shane thinks we should implement a solution like we discussed, something like a lock where we actually call out.
Stephen thinks it should be reasonably easy to add an interprocess lock there.

Past Sprint Review


  • NSEC
  • msgq++ (?) based on revised middle-term plan this goal received a lower priority

General review:

#1828 has been idle for a while
we should do something about #1733, maybe just unassign it, or close it,
but if assigned tickets have no progress for a long time we should do something about it.
for #1629 we should implement the abort check.

Any tickets that took much longer than estimated? No reports heard.

Next Sprint

Proposed goals:

  • DDNS
  • finish discussion on meta/containers
  • document new statistics model
  • something (see mail to dev) with configuration differences


  • finish "new datasource" api work.
jinmei: i think we have something scheduled about configuration in the mid-term plan
shane: main thing was config diffs. 

Vorner: if we finish DDNS we should finish the new datasource work.



1459  Consistency checks in DDNS module                    new       task    5
1460  Define system-level tests for DDNS                   new       task    5
(exclude?) 1461  Implement DDNS system tests                          new       task    7
(exclude?) 1511  Documentation for b10-ddns                           new       task    6
1514  Update SERIAL in DDNS                                new       task    4
1455  Add prerequisite checks to the DDNS module           new       task    6
1456  Create diff-normalizer utility functions             new       task    5
1457  use the difference normalizer in the DDNS module     new       task    3
1458  ACL checks in DDNS module                            new       task    4
1512  implement zone section processing in DDNS            new       task    6
1513  communication to b10-xfrout from b10-ddns            new       task    4
1539  The sending part of passing UPDATE packets           assigned  task    0
(we probably won't finish them all, but do not know right now which ones can be left out, due to possibly unknown dependencies in the above list)

(high prio?) 1974   define configuration of meta-or-container-of data  source                     Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         data  source        6
(low prio?) 1975   implement meta-or-container-of data  source                                    Next-Sprint-Proposed   task         data source        9
(low prio?) 1976   use meta-or-container-of data source in  b10-auth                              Next-Sprint-Proposed  task          b10-auth           8


(running total 78)

1944   Fix all broken logger format  strings                                          Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       logging             7
1912   handle type DS query in database-based data sources  correctly                 Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       data  source        6
1628   Wrong path to  ddns.spec                                                       Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       DDNS                2
1771   "database datasource incorrectly rejects ""on zonecut""  glue"                 Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       data  source        3
1890   CFGMGR_RENAMED_CONFIG_FILE  misleading                                         Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       Boss of BIND        2


1948   "document ""specific listen_on is needed for multihome  env"""                 Next-Sprint-Proposed  task          documentation      4


(high prio?) 1972   redesign statistics  spec                                                       Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         statistics         8

(97, with the two tickets from DDNS work marked with 'excluded', well, excluded)

Should we do 1970? (xfrout reload zone list) May be too difficult, and might be better fit for the rework of

Should we finish and include #1801? (nsec lettuce tests, currently only 4035 examples implemented)

Shane: looks good if we de-prioritize metads stuff.

For reference:


New tasks


956   Message::toWire() should be TSIG agnostic                                     Next-Sprint-Proposed  enhancement  libdns++           3.0
1393  reduce overhead in python logging                                             Next-Sprint-Proposed  enhancement  logging            4
1598  BIND10_START_AS_NON_ROOT_XXX should be deprecated                             Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       Boss of BIND       2

1755  """ANY_SUB"" query in sqlite3_accessor needs to be updated"                   Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       data source        6
1767  revisit class organization of ZoneFinder::Context                             Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         data source        6

1786  ZONEMGR_NO_MASTER_ADDRESS -- please submit a bug report                       Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       Unclassified       5
1797  CNAME should include auth and additional                                      Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       b10-auth           3
1801  NSEC in-mem; lettuce tests for NSEC responses                                 Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         Unclassified       5
1837  log/print b10-dbutil command when db is out of date                           Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         Unclassified       2
1839  specialize BasicRRset::toWire() for higher performance                        Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         libdns++           3
1844  The config unset help is wrong                                                Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       bind-ctl           2
1849  traceback in msgq self.sendbuffs                                              Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       Unclassified       5
1850  core dump at isc::server_common::portconfig::installListenAddresses when Err  Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       Unclassified       4
1855  Error: Unknown configuration identifier: datasources/                         Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       Unclassified       3
1858  sockcreator doesn't die                                                       Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       Boss of BIND       4
1864  bindctl help help is indented too many                                        Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       Unclassified       2
1867  use util::io::SocketSessionForwarder for passing xfr from auth to xfrout      Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         b10-auth           4
1868  use SocketSessionReceiver for receiving xfr messages from b10-auth at xfrout  Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         xfrout             4
1870  install complete header files                                                 Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       build system       5
1876  "consistent and lowercase configuration command names, module names"          Next-Sprint-Proposed  enhancement  configuration      8
1879  "unify ""scoped socket"" helper class"                                        Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       Unclassified       5
1883  define tp_hash for some basic isc.dns classes                                 Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         libdns++           5
1887  config show junk does not fail                                                Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       bind-ctl           3

1896  logging continues to old rotated files                                        Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       logging            8
1901  be consistent with bind10 or boss or bob name                                 Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       Boss of BIND       9

1913  task breakdown for MasterLexer class                                          Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         libdns++           6
1915  Convenient way of receiving and sending notifications                         Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         msgq               7
1916  Convenient RPC                                                                Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       msgq               7
1918  Msgq should connect to msgq                                                   Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         msgq               7
1919  Shutdown command of msgq                                                      Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         msgq               6
1920  Logging in msgq                                                               Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         msgq               6
1921  Connection and disconnection notifications                                    Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         msgq               5
1922  Get rid of the „Shutting down“ message                                        Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       configuration      6
1925  Answer tracking in msgq                                                       Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         msgq               7
1926  RPC reliability                                                               Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         msgq               6
1928  Msgq tests: failure modes                                                     Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         msgq               8
1929  Msgq tests: stresstesting                                                     Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         msgq               7
1931  what zone config or file had problem?                                         Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       b10-auth           4
1932  zone error caused other zones not to load                                     Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       b10-auth           7
1933  very high load and bad performance with REFUSED                               Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       b10-auth           8
1937  FATAL [b10-auth.auth] AUTH_SERVER_FAILED server failed: Can't assign request  Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       b10-auth           8
1938  why ZONEMGR_UNKNOWN_ZONE_NOTIFIED ?                                           Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       secondary manager  5

1963  in-memory NSEC cleanups                                                       Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         data source        6
1966  logger formatter does too much in the destructor                              Next-Sprint-Proposed  defect       logging            16

1973  reimplement the current set of statistics counters with new design            Next-Sprint-Proposed  task         statistics         6


Upcoming holidays: 17th in the Netherlands, and 28th in the netherlands and the US

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