Although originally for notes and suggestions about the refactoring of the resolver, the page has been extended to cover all refactoring issues for the start of year 3.


  • We should have a "lib/utils" directory to hold utility code that can be used by more than one component. The following are suggested for inclusion in the library:
    • The "buffer" objects in lib/dns.
    • The "string utilities" functions in lib/log.
    • Random number generators for the NSAS and QID.
  • Changes to APIs that handle names to use a Name object instead of taking a string (see #488).
  • Putting together all message-related utility methods (see comments in #493).


  • Randomising UDP ports
  • Allowing a single UDP port to be used for simultaneous queries.
  • The handling of TCP connections for the resolver needs to be reviewed. At present a connection is opened for each TCP transaction and closed immediately.
    • If a TCP connection is opened to a server the open connection should be retained for a few seconds: if another transaction is made to that server it should bypass UDP and use the existing connection.
    • The TCP connection should be capable of handling multiple queries simultaneously (and must be able to cope with the replies returning in any order).
  • Modifications to the "buffer" objects used to handle wire-format messages to provide an accessible two-byte scratch area preceding the data. (This allows the TCP I/Os - which include a two-byte count field - to read from and write to the buffer objects directly, eliminating the need for data copying or additional I/Os in the TCP code.)
  • Elimination of the stackless coroutine model. This is proving to be limiting in the way code is structured.
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