This page documents the BIND 10 DNS roadmap status as of 2013-05-02


This is the current production release.


The 1.2.0 release will include a shared-memory data source. This will largely complete the work on the in-memory authoritative data source, allowing all of the b10-auth processes to share a single memory image. When this work is complete, we expect BIND 10 to use about half as much memory as BIND 9 for large zones, and to run slightly faster (10 to 30%).

We will also include a number of fixes to the logging system, and RRL support.

This is expected to be released in early August 2013.


The 1.3.0 release will include a refactor and partial rewrite of the zone transfer support. This includes AXFR, IXFR, and NOTIFY support both in and out. The aim is towards performance and stability for both extremely large zones (10's of millions of RR), and for servers with very many zones (millions of zones).

We will also include MySQL data source support (it is possible that this may be released in a separate release beforehand, which would make the zone transfer release version 1.4.0).

This is expected to be released in early December 2013.


This version will include hook support for DNS. The DHCP developers will have implemented basic hook support already, so this will be an exercise in identifying the appropriate call-out points in the DNS logic, implementing them, and documenting them.

While the details depend on the specific design and implementation, this can be released in early February 2014.

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