Tests for Prefix Delegation on client side


Since Forge has a complete set of PD tests on server side, it is time to implement PD tests on client side.
This short document is about developing functionalities that are needed for proper Prefix Delegation testing on client side within Forge.
Forge will act as a dhcpv6 server. There are many similarities with server-side tests.

Basic test template example

  • SSH to client VM
  • Forge sends client config
  • execute remotely that config on client VM
  • start client
  • Forge receives a solicit message; this is a beginning of dhcpv6 messages exchange
  • verify whether client uses prefixes given by forge
  • stop client

Forge code changes

This is a proposition of refactoring Forge code. Basically, divide existing code for:

  • client-specific code
  • server-specific code
  • shared code (functionalities used both by client and server)

Add functionalities for:

  • controlling client
  • loading client config
  • creation of generic server messages
  • parsing received client messages

Add PD client side tests.

Running tests

  • write another script that would be responsible for running client tests; the existing one would be for running dhcpv6 server tests
    • for server tests -
    • for client tests -
  • OR add proper flags to the existing script – clnt for client tests and srv for server tests.
    • sudo python -6 -S -n prefix.delegation.example-test
    • sudo python -6 -C -n prefix.delegation.example-test

Initial work would be done on another forge branch. Master branch will remain stable.



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