This page lists the various face to face meetings that the BIND 10 team has had, as well as any information available on upcoming meetings.

Date Location Notes
2009-06 Redwood City, California none (photo)
2009-10 Redwood City, California October2009Meeting (photo)
2010-01 Redwood City, California January2010Meeting (photo)
2010-04 Beijing, China April2010Meeting? (photo)
2010-08 Redwood City, California August2010Meeting? (photo)
2011-01 Redwood City, California January2011Meeting (photo)
2011-03 Prague, Czech Republic March2011Meeting (photo)
2011-08 Amsterdam, the Netherlands August2011Meeting? (photos)
August2011MeetingFriday? (separate page for Friday, since we had problems with the size of the 'full' page)
August2011MeetingDhcpMinutes? (DHCP part of the meeting)
2012-01 Redwood City, California January2012Meeting (photo)
2012-04 Reykjavík, Iceland April2012Meeting? (photo)
2013-04 Redwood City, California April2013Meeting? (photo)
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