Rules about the shared library versioning. Note we use libel versioning (cf. LibraryVersioning) and tools/ from the git repository can make 60-80% of the work for a new shared library.

Each directory for a shared library has:

  • an api (shell) file with the define name (FOO gives LIBKEA_FOO_XXX declarations/definitions), INTERFACE/REVISION/AGE value.
  • an api.h include file with declarations
  • an source file with definitions
  • modifications in to:
    • declare INTERFACE/REVISION/AGE variable
    • distribute api and files (api.h is in sources so is automatically included by make dist)
    • make api.h a source and a not distributable source
    • add in library linker flags no undefined (*) and version info

top directory configure (made from by autoconf) expands and Makefile with values found in the api file.

Special note about -no-undefined: this is more a flag for the cygwin environment but here it s used to check there is no missing direct dependency.

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