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    1515* '''Subnet management via REST API''' - Add, remove and modify subnets in Kea via the API, without resending the entire Kea configuration. This will make managing subnets via the api more feasible for configurations with a large number of subnets or deployments that want to avoid small interruptions when updating the whole configuration. This feature is implemented in the new Subnet Commands hook library, available only in the Kea Subscription package to encourage financial support for the project.
     17* '''Flexible identifier for leases''' - flexible identifier computed by "flex-id" hook library can optionally be used as a client identifier for allocated leases. In many cases it is preferred to use stable identifier for the client, e.g. generated from the data inserted by a relay agent, rather than client supplied identifier, which may change as a result of hardware replacement. Previous versions of "flex-id" hook library allowed for associating host reservations with such stable identifier. The new version also allows for using such identifier for leases, which prevents conflicts between leases allocated for the client before and after hardware replacement. It also allows for retrieving leases by flexible identifier using REST API.
    1719* '''New options''' - This release introduced support for 21 DHCPv4 and 10 DHCPv6 options. Support for DHCPv4 vendor specific option (code 43) has been improved. It is now possible to use vendor-specific syntax for that option.