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Known DHCP Issues in Kea

Kea 0.9 beta1

This version of Kea is a first stand-alone (without BIND10 framework) release.

  • Before upgrading from Kea 0.8, make sure you understand that configuration has changed (bindctl is no longer used, and configuration is stored in JSON files).
  • There is one unit-test (IfaceMgrTest.detectIfaces) that fails on RedHat 6.4 when run on a host system that runs KVM virtualization software. See #3517 for details.
  • It is possible to configure DDNS to listen on an insecure interface. (If you do this there will be a warning message in the log) See issue #3514 for details.
  • Host reservation and client classification are not supported yet. Support for those features are planned.

For the full list of open bugs and requests, see

For DHCPv4 server limitations, see

For DHCPv6 server limitations, see

Kea 0.8 (BIND10 1.2.0)

The version of Kea 0.8 included in BIND 1.2.0 is an engineering snapshot and intended for experimental use only. The current list of known defects in Kea can be found here.

Significant known issues with the DHCP servers in this release are:

  • The DHCP servers do not yet use the "socket creator" to bind to privileged ports. As a result, to use Kea DHCP, BIND 10 must be started by root (or via "sudo").
  • BIND 10 configuration mechanism doesn't handle partial configuration of map elements. When the new value is being set for one of the elements of the map, the existing values for other elements of this map are lost. This means, that the user must always configure all elements of the map. Some maps for which this issue can be observed: Dhcp4/lease-database, Dhcp6/lease-database and maps in DhcpDdns module.
  • Memfile lease database backend doesn't yet differentiate between different lease types, e.g. IA_NA and IA_PD. When a client requests both assignment of a non temporary address and a prefix, and the IA_NA and IA_PD options sent by the client happen to have the same IAID, one of the two: address or prefix returned will be invalid.
  • Support for operating systems other than Linux is partial. Kea lacks the capability to send DHCPv4 responses to directly connected clients. This affects all BSD systems, including Mac OS X. Kea is currently being tested on Linux only.

We would appreciate feedback on usability and reports of any DHCP bugs. Please contribute your experiences to the Kea users mailing list:

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