We can not easily use Jabber (chat) room for technical decisions or for important questions.

The history is too short -- to difficult or impossible to find older discussions. Even if we log jabber, the discussions are disjointed, spread out over time, or interspersed with other unrelated discussions. If we have a deep discussion consisting of multiple opinions from various people, taking a day or so, it will be difficult to find the important part of the discussion from the long history.

Another problem with a chat room is that not everyone is there.

A general rule is that you cannot reach consensus in a chat room.

Decisions are generally made on the bind10-dev list not on the chat rooms. "Please let's continue this discussion on bind10-dev instead." If a decision (or action point) is made on the chat room, then be sure to post about that to mailing list or to Trac (wiki or ticket) also.

Jabber is useful for quick conversation or quick questions if participants are actually participating, but once topic becomes an important issue or decision, it probably should be brought up on appropriate list instead.

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