This page documents various use cases for changes to BIND 10 server functionality that might be useful to implement via hooks.

The original list came from a brainstorming session at the BIND 10 2011-03 face to face meeting.

  • DNSSEC signing w/ on the fly answers
  • validating forwarding resolver
  • blacklists* NXDOMAIN redirection
  • NSEC masking
  • non DNS operational data management?
  • script run upon AXFR
  • query introspection (need to know why)
  • alternate method to configure ACLs - to use an LDAP database to authenticate updates
  • dynamically generated content of zone data - be able to write a script to send answers
  • experiments with new data sources
  • debugging - log various steps
  • AS112?
  • possibly use this to combine auth and recurse
  • evlDNS stuff
  • network discovery from behind a NAT
  • change timing behaviors on the XFR side - have zones refresh more or less often
  • pick or prefer specific masters
  • change query behavior - resolver gets a timeout then it tries all the servers in the NS set
  • non expiring cache for better performance
  • reduction of configuration knobs
  • Filter-AAAA or other IPv6
  • stub zones?
  • SCTP
  • Shim6?
  • alternate classes (think MIT people like Hesiod users)
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