BIND 10 Feature Backlog:

This page contains the coding & other things we need for BIND 10 that we have not gotten to yet. Please always update with "owner" (person who submitted the feature, in this case) and the date that the specific column was last edited.

# Feature Name Description Time Est. Priority Dependencies Owner Status Ticket Target Release Notes Change Date
1 Full EDNS0 support specifically in the C++ library one week FTE Shane 2010-03-08
2 Move data source out of authoritative server done! w00t! Shane 2010-03-08
3 Write access to data source Shane 2010-03-08
4 Loader using data source Shane 2010-03-08
5 xfrin using data source Shane 2010-03-08
6 xfrout using data source Shane 2010-03-08
7 Boost ASIO (maybe) Shane 2010-03-08
8 ACL for queries Shane 2010-03-08
9 BDB database Shane 2010-03-08
10 In-memory database Shane 2010-03-08
11 Statistics reporting Shane 2010-03-08
12 PostgreSQL database Shane 2010-03-08
13 MySQL database Shane 2010-03-08
14 ACL for administration (including roles?) Shane 2010-03-08
15 Network interface monitoring component Shane 2010-03-08
16 Per-component use-case review Shane 2010-03-08
16a bob Shane 2010-03-08
16b msgq Shane 2010-03-08
16c cfgmgr Shane 2010-03-08
16d C&C Shane 2010-03-08
16d authsrv Shane 2010-03-08
16d stats Shane 2010-03-08
17 Use SIE or other real-world data to test BIND 10 Shane 2010-03-08
18 able to control multiple b10-auth daemons ? Will multiple b10-auth daemons be represented differently via msgq and bindctl so they can be configured differently? (run on different IPs with different zones served for example) Jeremy 2010-03-09
19 b10-auth manual page "easy" Jeremy 2010-03-09
20 bind10 manual page Jeremy complete, not committed 2010-03-09
21 b10-cmdctl manual page Jeremy has details from Likun, needs to write a commit 2010-03-09
22 make targets to generate manual pages "easy" Jeremy 2010-03-09
23 host(1) tool manual page Jeremy 2010-03-09
24 host(1) tool use resolver(3) until BIND 10 provides replacement this is not BIND 10 requirement but is a sample client that uses new C++ libdns Jeremy 2010-03-09
25 b10-loadzone or python module fixed to not assume "." is origin if origin is not set and sees a @ or a label without a ".". It should fail in my opinion. Jeremy 2010-03-09
26 b10-loadzone should have option to choose data source type Jeremy 2010-03-09
27 manual pages for features manual pages explaining the various features as defined in "spec" files (so not the spec itself but the custom features) Jeremy 2010-03-09
28 usersguide.xml finish my usersguide.xml and make targets for generating PDF, HTML(s). Jeremy 2010-03-09
29 Performance tests for auth server We need a set of standard performance tests to benchmark the auth server 2010-03-09
30 Profiling for auth server Once we have our performance tests, we need to profile the server to see where the bottlenecks are 2010-03-09
31 Performance tests for xfrin 2010-03-09
32 Performance tests for xfrout 2010-03-09
33 Performance tests for loader 2010-03-09
34 'stopped' notification for modules If modules are stopped, should they send an 'i am stopping' message to the system? 2010-03-10
35 bindctl regularly request which modules exist from b10-cmdctl (if modules are started, b10-cmdctl is notified of this, but if there still is a bindctl running, that one will not get the memo) 2010-03-10
36 stopped b10-cfgmgr recovery If b10-cfgmgr is killed and restarted, it will forget which modules are running. We need either a specific channel/message to ask who are up (which ModuleCCSession could handle), or all other modules need to be restarted too 2010-03-10
37 Debugging/logging framework HIGH 2010-03-11
38 Dropping/checking privileges/chroot 2010-03-11
39 Unix-domain socket for msgq 2010-03-15
40 Windows port 2010-03-15
41 IXFR in 2010-03-15
42 IXFR out 2010-03-15
43 Set port/address for services 2010-03-16
44 hostname.bind, id.server, NSID support 2010-03-19
45 consistent --version reporting We need to provide both per-tool and overall versions from everything in a consistent way. See this post. 2010-03-22
46 bind10-info A tool of some kind to get versions, build options, OS information, and so on. 2010-03-22
47 bind10conf Similar to postfix's postconf 2010-03-25
48 Output result of configure at end Apache and some other projects show the result of "./configure" when done. 2010-04-23
49 MacOSX package Easy-to-install package for MacOSX Jinmei 2010-04-26
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