BIND 10 DHCP Compatibility Requirements

This page is a set of requirements that cover compatibility between BIND 10 DHCP and the existing ISC DHCP software. Although there are common requirements (implementation of the relevant RFCs), the history of ISC DHCP has meant that it has gained a number of "quirks". These may need porting into BIND 10 DHCP.


  • Always supply subnet-mask option (IPv4).

A comment in the function cons_options() (in the ISC DHCP file common/options.c) reads:

Some DHCP Servers will give the subnet-mask option if it is not on the parameter request list - so some client implementations have come to rely on this - so we will also make sure we supply this, at lowest priority.

This is only done in response to DHCPDISCOVER or DHCPREQUEST messages, to avoid providing the option on DHCPINFORM or DHCPLEASEQUERY responses (if the client didn't request it).

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