BIND 10 Process Model

Generic View

Here we see the processes for a generic BIND 10 server, along with some rough connections between them.

Features of note:

  • Everything uses the msgq process to communicate with everything else, but those connections are not drawn here. The connection with the msgq process is via a Unix-domain socket.
  • A number of processes do not exist yet, but got added with grey & dotted lines so you can see where they fit.
  • The HTTP and SNMP stats servers may be started by the stats daemon, or maybe by the Boss process.
  • bindctl is a command-line program, and will be started by administrators. The WebTool will be started by something webby, and the GuiTool in a traditional GUI way.

DNS View

Here we see the server along with some DNS processes.

Some notes:

  • We see multiple auth processes - these are the things listening on port 53 and sending answers. There will likely be approximately one of these per CPU.
  • Data sources may be varied, and may be tightly or loosely coupled with BIND 10.


This is a view of the server with some DHCP processes.

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