Component status

Here is a list of components of Bind10, together with their development status. The meaning of colors is simple:

  • Green: The component is considered in a good state and should be doing its job. It doesn't mean it won't be enhanced further or that there could be no bugs, but it is expected to be used by users.
  • Yellow: The component can be used (or, in some cases, there's no possibility not to use it), but some problems are to be expected.
  • Red: The code is there, but it is not expected to be run by users. You should wait for it to turn yellow at least.
Component Status Started by default Group Goal Notes
b10-auth OK No DNS Answer authoritative queries Can be run in multiple instances for performance
In-Memory data source OK Not a separate process DNS Provide DNS data from memory Needs other source to load from
SQLite3 data source Issues with concurrent access Not a separate process DNS Provide DNS data from SQLite3 database
b10-init OK Directly by user Core Start and stop other processes
b10-bindctl Buggy Directly by user Core Configuration frontend
b10-cfgmgr Needs redesign Yes Core Store configuration
b10-cmdctl OK Yes Core Interface with the rest of world
b10-cmdctl-usermgr OK Directly by user Core Set permissions for accessing cmdctl interfage
b10-dbutil OK Directly by user DNS Upgrade database schema
b10-ddns OK No DNS Accept dynamic updates
b10-dhcp4 OK No DHCP Answer DHCPv4 queries on IPv4 Supports relayed DHCPv4 traffic only; No ICMP check that another client with the same address is present before allocating lease; No ability to add information to forward and reverse DNS zones.
b10-dhcp6 OK No DHCP Answer DHCPv6 queries on IPv6 Supports direct DHCPv6 traffic only (no relays); No ability to add information to forward and reverse DNS zones.
b10-loadzone OK Directly by user DNS Import zone files into data sources
b10-msgq Needs tests and improvements Yes Core Deliver messages between other modules
b10-resolver Proof of concept only No DNS Answer recursive queries
b10-sockcreator OK Yes Core Create and bind sockets for other modules Needs to run as root
b10-stats Doesn't scale Yes Core Collect statistics
b10-stats-httpd Doesn't work with privileged ports No Core Present statistics over the HTTP protocol
b10-xfrin Buggy, needs rewrite No DNS Handle inbound DNS transfers
b10-xfrout Buggy, needs rewrite No DNS Handle outbound DNS transfers Depends on b10-auth
b10-zonemgr Buggy, will get merged into b10-xfrin No DNS Handle zone timeouts
isc-sysinfo More info needs to be collected Directly by user Core Collect information about hardware and operation system
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