Support for Cassandra has been available since Kea 1.1.0-beta. However, it was always considered experimental. As part of the Kea 1.4 effort, this backend is expected to be brought up to speed. This page serves as a scratchpad for noting outstanding, in progress and complete work.

Cassandra work

Development, new features:

  • #5485 - Cassandra does not support wipe-leases yet UNASSIGNED (low priority)

Improvements to existing functionality:

Build improvements:

  • #5488 - replace tools/cql_config with pkg-config -> razvan.becheriu (low priority)
  • #5490 - enable static linking for Cassandra (-lcassandra_static) UNASSIGNED (low priority)
  • #5502 - Cassandra should use libcryptolink rather than use openssl directly (this causes issues with botan builds) -> Francis Dupont
  • #5521 - missing config.h in some files (+script) - UNASSIGNED (low priority)

Low priority (this list contains improvements and nice to have things that we'd like to get one day):

  • #5486 - Suspected memory leak in Cassandra UNASSIGNED (not a kea problem; code would however issues page violation under certain input; no issue for us, as function currently not used), close as soon as github64, github68 or github70 is merged.

Completed work:

  • github36 - google benchmark support. Used to measure various changes in the backend. -> tomek (reviewed, significant updates, merged)
  • github35 - general Cassandra improvements. Covers major update of the existing code that focuses on CqlLeaseMgr and related code. -> tomek
  • github37 - host reservations support. Covers initial implementation of host backend. -> tomek
  • #5494 - Cassandra backend does not compile on MacOS - Francis (review complete)
  • #5505 - iaid IPv6 reservations in Cassandra needs clarifiaction with Marcin since as per Razvan was not in in MySQL either. This is missing in other backends as well. One day we will possibly implement this, but not in the near future. Moved to outstanding.
  • #5489 - upgrade script for Cassandra schema UNASSIGNED
  • #5487 - Recounting statistics for Cassandra -> thomas
  • github70 - group PR that covers several tickets (=> submitted for code review and merge by Razvan, Feb. 22, 2018)
    • #5506 - host deletion
    • #5507 - DHCPv4 fixed fields: next-server, server-hostname and bootfile are not stored in Cassandra
    • #5508 - User context should be supported in Cassandra
  • #5484 - After github35 is merged, we need to update the docs (describe new parameters, update configs) - tomek, done (had to update grammar and lexers to handle the parameters in config file, Francis reviewed)
  • #5503 - client classes in host reservations. This has been covered by github70, which is now merged.

Related improvements

The following tickets may be useful for Cassandra user, but they're not strictly related to Cassandra:

  • #5514 - reinstantiate lw4over6 options - tomek, implemented in review, Francis is reviewing
  • github43 - Various changes to, tomek, reviewed, merged, done
  • github54 - Various changes, tomek, reviewed, merged, done
  • github55 - exit-wait-time parameter for perfdhcp, tomek, reviewed, merged, done
  • github41 - Initialize logging before reading config, tomek, reviewed, updated, merged
  • github39 - upgraded docbooxk from v4.2 to 5.0 - tomek, reviewed, merged, done
  • github40 - rename --with-dhcp-backend to --with-backend, tomek, reviewed, merged, done
  • github63 - address + port, Razvan will split this into 2 and we will take schema (github68) into 1.4. Will not get into 1.4.
  • github64 - separate delete methods for leasemgr, to be review after 70 is complete.
  • github65 - improve container options, to be taken into 1.4., to be reviewed after 64 is reviewed.
  • github66 - new kea-admin actions, to be reviewed after 68 and 65.
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