Administrator Notes

This page contains documentation about how this site is set up.

Note on the GIT server are at AdminNotesGitServer.


The site is on a 2x4 core Xeon machine with 8 gibibyte of RAM and 425 Gbyte of disk.

It is running FreeBSD 8.1 from 2010-07-19. It is mostly a stock system.

All software was installed from FreeBSD ports except as noted.


The web has lots of help for Trac administration. The following guides were used initially when setting up on Debian:

To get user account authentication to work, some magic had to be added to apache2.conf:

<Location /login>
   AuthType Basic
   AuthName "Trac"
   AuthUserFile /var/bind10/trac/htdocs/trac.htpasswd
   Require valid-user

The AccountManagerPlugin plugin is also installed so that user permissions can be set via the web interface too.

The sensitivetickets plugin is installed. It adds a checkbox for ticket submissions to keep the ticket private so won't be displayed in public ticket views. TODO: work on email notifications to make sure not emailed publicly.

The restrict_owner option was enabled, so that we have a selection box rather than a blank input field. We had problems where people would type "evan" instead of "each" or "" instead of "shane", for example. See for details.

Also, the TICKET_MODIFY permission was removed from the "authenticated" pseudo-group, which means that only certain users can modify tickets. All BIND 10 team members are now in the "devteam" group, which has TICKET_MODIFY permission. This is necessary to restrict the list of users in the selection pulldown when assigning ticket ownership.

Apache Httpd

The apache22 port is installed. The Trac configuration is in /usr/local/etc/apache22/httpd.conf. Also that httpd.conf has overrides for content directories that shouldn't be handled by Trac.

Apache is using FastCGI with the ap22-mod_fcgid-2.3.6 port.

Time & NTP

NTP is configured in /etc/ntp.conf. The system uses (IPv4), (IPv4 and IPv6), and (IPv4) as servers.


The time zone is UTC.

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