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non-intuitive bindctl configuration for Auth/listen_on

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This is a few problems.

I want to be able to just change one default. Testing as non-root. Defaults have port 53 for :: and For testing, I change one to 5300, but commit fails since the other "default" port 53 still does not work:

> config set Auth/listen_on[0]/port 5300
> config commit
Setting listen addresses:
Initialize TCP server at :::5300
Initialize UDP server at :::5300
Initialize TCP server at
Unable to set new address: Failed to initialize network servers: Permission denied
[b10-auth] error: Server configuration failed: Failed to initialize network servers: Permission denied
Error: Server configuration failed: Failed to initialize network servers: Permission denied
Configuration not committed

It seems like if I change one configuration, then that one configuration should be used.

Second problem (starting with my custom config removed so just defaults again):

> config remove Auth/listen_on[0]
> config diff
{'Auth': {'listen_on': [{'port': 53, 'address': ''}]}}
> config set Auth/listen_on[1]/port 5300
> config diff
{'Auth': {'listen_on[1]': {'port': 5300}, 'listen_on': [{'port': 53, 'address': ''}]}}
> config commit
Error: Error in config validation: Unknown item listen_on[1]
Configuration not committed

I did not immediately realize that listen_on[1] became listen_on[0]

Comments from jabber follow:

(09:55:07) vorner: jreed: actually, it created new item called listen_on[0], which is a dict and didn't touch the list in listen_on. And yes, you confused the poor tool.

(09:55:56) jelte: well, in this specific case it's not not intuitive, it's plain buggy handling that command for an element that doesn't exist


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