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#807 closed enhancement (wontfix)

Improve error message when unknown type encountered

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The current error message is rather cryptic.


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comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by jinmei

What does this mean?

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I am closing this. The description here is too vague. And I am pretty sure the initial argument was misunderstood.

From jabber on March 25 (while in our meeting):

(05:13:04) jreed: Error loading database: database is locked
(05:13:35) jreed: is what was reported; that is the bigger issue. There was a new
 ticket created for that.
(05:13:48) jreed: The unclear error never even got shown due to the bigger issue.
(05:14:55) jreed: And jinmei already provided a patch to fix that too.
(05:16:13) the actual error from b10-loadzone is much
 clearer than what came by on the list, btw
(05:16:24) jreed: Yes, definitely.
(05:16:34) Error loading database: Error while loading Cannot parse RR: 3600 IN AXEE
(05:16:43) jreed: Exactly. That is clear. :)
(05:16:45) so the problem may not even exist indeed :)
(05:16:54) but i saw something like 'parameter error'
(05:17:19) jreed: loadzone is broken as it is.
(05:17:29) it could be a *little* bit clearer if it said
 that it's not 'just' a parse error but really an unsupported type, but oh well

Let's ignore this for now. It is not critical and we don't want to keep wasting time on loadzone -- unless we re-decide to keep existing loadzone. (Note we need to use the pydnspp for our new loadzone.)

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