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loadzone broken? DS rdata doesn't match

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If you run BIND10 auth server with rev 1163 of src/lib/auth/testdata/test.sqlite3 (which should be copied to tmp/zone.sqlite3) and ask for, the server returns this:

;; ANSWER SECTION: 3600 IN DS 33313 5 1 0FDD7A2C11AA7F55D50FBF9B7EDDA2322C541A8D 3600 IN DS 33313 5 2 00B99B7006F496D135B01AB17EDB469B4BE9E1973884DEA757BC4E30 15A8C3AB

The RDATA is broken. These should be

3600 DS 33313 5 1 (

A8DE )

3600 DS 33313 5 2 (

1973884DEA757BC4E3015A8C3AB3 )

(there are garbage 0's in the returned data)

Not fully inspected, but it doesn't seem to be a data source problem, but I suspect the database file itself is broken.


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The problem was that the rdata contained spaces:

33313 5 1 FDD7A2C11AA7F55D50FBF9B7EDDA2322C541 A8DE

...which is legal, but decodeHex() didn't know about it. Since that string is 41 characters long, it read the first byte as 0F, not FD. Fixed in r1315, and a unit test added.

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