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name comparison API

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In ticket #48 we discussed the compareNames() function in I agree with Michael's suggestion that this functionality should be moved into the Name module; the ability to do a strcmp()-style comparison on two names is something we, and other developers, will definitely need, and even though it _can_ be implemented outside the class, it adds unnecessarily to the developer burden. I don't think this is a "kitchen sink" issue, it's just an obvious use case for the Name class.

Also I think other aspects of the API for name comparison aren't quite right. Using NameComparisonResult? to determine whether a name is a subdomain of another name is very cumbersome.

I'd like to propose the following changes:

  • n1.comparison(n2) returning the NameComparisonResult? that currently does. (Or maybe it should be called getComparisonResult(), whatever. I'm actually wondering whether that method should be private.)
  • and/or Name::compare(n1, n2) returning an int, strcmp() style
  • n1.subdomain(n2) and n1.contains(n2) returning bool
  • n1.commonancestor(n2) returns a Name containing the common ancestor
  • the comparison operators we already have


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...also I'm not clear on why we need isWildcard().

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These change seem reasonable, but we have been using the "old" API for a couple years and it seems not too bad. We can re-open this or create a new ticket to improve the API as necessary.

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