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Option82 with IPv4

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I want to use option82 in KEA. I read KEA document but I cannot understand how to do. Now I use ISC DHCP and I use option82 successfully.

The structure I am currently using is as follows:
Example for one user;
I have class file /etc/dhcp/class/example and it contains a class like the following.

class "ABCD"{
match if (substring (option agent.circuit-id,2, 2) = 00:1A) --->vlan number type hex (00:1A=26)
and (substring( option agent.remote-id, 2, 10) = 12:34:AB:CD:56:78)--->remote-id type hex
and (suffix (option agent.circuit-id, 1) = 09) --->port number in switch
and(substring (hardware, 1, 6) = 34:17:eb:bc:6e:33); --->mac address

I have pool file /etc/dhcp/pool/example and it contains a pool like the following.

pool {
allow members of "ABCD"; ---> Matching class name
range; ---> Giving this IP address if it matches informations in the class

I define pool and class in the file (etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf) as follows.

include "etc/dhcp/class/example";
shared-network EXAMPLE{

subnet netmask {}
subnet netmask {

option routers;


include "etc/dhcp/pool/example";

And this works. The person with this MAC address will get this IP address if it sends a request from this port of this switch.

How to similar structure in KEA?


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This question is also posted to kea-users. Here's the answer:

Please do not create tickets that are questions. Mailing list is much better venue for this.

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Thank you for response, I will continue from mailing list.

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