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Command for adding multiple leases: design — at Initial Version

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As one user points out, our current leaseX-add commands allow adding only a single lease. There are scenarios (e.g. db recovery or failover) when it is useful to add many leases at once.

This is a non-trivial topic, therefore a mini-design is required before the actual code is written. At least the following aspects should be considered:

  • in a sense, these new commands will be counter-parts to leaseX-get-all. They should use the same syntax, so it would be possible to e.g. call leaseX-get-all on one server and then push the data to another server using leaseX-add-many
  • the leases will be specified in some sort of a list. The design should clearly state what to do if insertion of one of the leases fails: should the code abort immediately, continue trying other lease?
  • what code should be returned when some lease insertion fails? How to communicate back which leases were successful and which were not


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