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feed JSON does not handle strings

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A bad news, feed JSON code is easily fooled by a string in the input, e.g.:

// This test verifies that a string is correctly handled                        
TEST_F(JSONFeedTest, string) {
    std::string json = "{ \"braces\": \"}}}}\" }";
    ElementPtr expected = Element::createMap();
    expected->set("braces", Element::create("}}}}"));
    EXPECT_EQ(*expected, *Element::fromJSON(json));
    testRead(json, expected);

fails at the last line:

[ RUN      ] JSONFeedTest.string
unknown file: Failure
C++ exception with description "Unterminated string in <wire>:0:15" thrown in the test body.
[  FAILED  ] JSONFeedTest.string (1 ms)

A good news: ECMA 404, i.e. the official JSON specification, provides in figure 5 the automaton of a JSON string which can be greatly simplified (IMHO 2 new states at needed).

An extra point: correctness here means to not reject legal JSON, not to reject illegal JSON. BTW fromJSON already fits in this definition as it is known to accept illegal extra commas...


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PS: please classify this ticket...

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1.4 low by 2018-01-18 conf call.

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As I expected it was enough to add two new states. Ready for review.

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Reviewed up to the commit f76ce0132f121bab1e4fd2685dd5e34e65a8b683

The code changes are good. But this ticket requires a ChangeLog entry.

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Merged with a ChangeLog entry. Closing.

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