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Hash-based name compression

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Name compression is expensive operation (isc::dns::MessageRenderer::writeName with it's inlined functions takes 16% of our runtime (this includes NameCompare::operator() and NameCompare::nextPosition). The isc::dns::OutputBuffer::operator[] is used a lot inside these functions, which increases the cost of it even more).

There's idea to store positions of all already written names and suffixes of them to a hash table. When a new name is to be written, the hash table is queried first to see if it is already there. If yes, the address is taken and written. If not, the first label is written and noted into the hash table, then it is repeated with next label.

It would be nice to get the hashes precomputed form the names. They can be provided by the datasource for example, or whenever the hash is needed, it is cached in the Name and if two names are compared and one does not have the cached hashes, while the other does, the ones for common parts are copied.

This is a largish task, maybe we can put it off after we try the simpler ones.


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Like ticket #538, does this one still make sense?

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This is partially handled by #1603. At least it does use the hash table.

The new stuff here would be caching the hash values inside the Name class, which I'm not sure we want or if it would give us much/any benefit.

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