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DDNS inconsistencies due to hostname generation

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Kea should use MAC address to generate the hostname for clients.

Imagine I turn on a server (Server A) and it gets a IP/hostname combination of:

If I keep it turned off until the IP is recycled and the DNS entry removed, that IP will be assigned to a different server (which is the expected behavior).
New server (Server B) gets the same combination of IP/hostname:

When I turn Server A back on, it will send its hostname to Kea and get a new IP (let’s say
However, Kea will remove the current DNS entry for Server B ( and replace It with creating obvious problems for whoever is relying in the DNS hostname.

I would expect/prefer the MAC address to be used to generate the hostname, is there any way to do this?


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First of all, thanks for submitting this feature request. Yes, it does look reasonable. I think there are many ways how the hostname could be generated. We have implemented one and you prefer another. There surely may be other ways.

In my opinion the best way would be to provide an ability to specify an expression that the user would define and then Kea would use it as a template.

We did discuss this matter on our weekly Kea call today (2017-10-05) and decided it's a nice feature and we would like to have it implemented one day. Sadly, we can't squeeze it in upcoming 1.3 final for two reasons. First, past beta we tend to accept only bugfixes and this is clearly a new feature. The second reason is simply lack of manpower. We recently received a number of new requests from a customer and we need to focus on those first.

In the next release - 1.4 - we want to focus on high availability and multi-core support. Both are rather complex problems, so sadly we can't accept DDNS related feature requests.

Nevertheless, we'd like this feature to be implemented one day, so we decided to move it to 1.x. If you're disappointed with this, please contact me and we'll discuss.

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