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Add support for using DUIDs from v4/client-ids for use in DDNS updates RFC 4703 sec 5.2

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Per RFC 4703, Sec 5.2, If v4 and v6 clients cn use the same FQDN if the v4 clients embed the same value for DUID in the client_id (per RFC 4361).

The NameChangeRequest? generator function for v4 leases:

void queueNCR(const dhcp_ddns::NameChangeType& chg_type, const Lease4Ptr& lease);

needs to be able to extract the DUID from the client_id. This should be controllable via a parameter to the function ane we'll need a D2 client-side configuration knob for this.

The DNS updates that D2 constructs already limit themselves to either A or AAAA records based on protocol indicated in the NCR.

In order to support this behavior, the function for generating NameChangeRequests? for v4 leases needs to be modified


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comment:1 Changed 3 years ago by tmark

This ticket stems from issues Infoblox raised with ISC_DHCP:

Where they are looking for ways to support clients which do NOT conform with RFC 4361 above.
There is an associated bug ticket:

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  • Milestone changed from Kea-proposed to Outstanding Tasks

per team meeting june 16, move to outstanding

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