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Max allowed client-id is specified incorrectly (short by 4 bytes)

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This came up during Cassandra code review. ClientId? class (src/lib/dhcp/duid.h) defines max length as:

    static const size_t MAX_CLIENT_ID_LEN = DUID::MAX_DUID_LEN;

Where max DUID len is 128. That value is correct. However, once the DUID is put in the client-id option, there are four extra bytes for storing iaid. See Section 6.1 of RFC4361). So the max length should be 132, not 128.

This is minor thing as I hope nobody would use DUIDs and client-ids that long.

I'm afraid this may have a tendency to affect backends if they mis-implemented the field size.


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Per June 9 team meeting, move to outstanding

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Still a bug to fix...

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