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Evolution proposal - provide configuration (logger) for LFC

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As discussed on the mailing list:

(my initial post, and Marcin's response)

Hello Nicolas,

Sorry for the delayed response to your post.

No, there is currently no way to configure the logging for LFC from the Kea configuration file. The reason being that LFC is running in a separate process and this process has no built-in capability to read/understand Kea configuration file. At the time of writing LFC we envisaged the need for a dedicated LFC logger, but we did not implement it due to time constraints. There is a command line parameter exposed by the kea-lfc application which receives a name/location of the Kea configuration file, but it utterly ignores this parameter.

I think it is a reasonable request to finally implement configuration parsing in the kea-lfc app, but this is not in scope for the upcoming release, so we can probably think about it for the 1.2 release. In a mean time we'd need to stick with syslog.


On 31.03.2016 15:28, Chaigneau, Nicolas wrote:

Hello Kea friends,

I have a question about LFC and logging:

By default, the LFC process logs through syslog with facility "local0".
I'm trying to make it log into a file. I've added the following in kea configuration file:


"name": "DhcpLFC",
"output_options": [


"destination": "file",
"output": "/path-to-logs/kea1-open-lfc.log"


"severity": "INFO"


But this does not work.
The "name" (DhcpLFC) I've retrieved from the code, but it is probably wrong, since it is not listed in the available defined loggers (kea guide "defined loggers").

I'm not really sure this is feasible, since kea guide also states the following (about lfc command line process):

"The -c argument specifies the configuration file. This is required, but not currently used by the process."

So... is there a way (besides configuring syslog itself) to configure the LFC logs ?


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per team meeting apr 28, move to outstanding.

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We discussed this proposal on the 2016-09-08 meeting and decided we won't be able to fit this into the 1.2 release. So it gets back to Outstanding for a while.

comment:4 Changed 3 years ago by nicolas.chaigneau

A precision that I forgot to add (a long time ago !):

LFC writes "LOCAL0" in the logs, but this is misleading.
The syslog facility used is "user", *not* "local0".

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