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Fix DUID based reservations in DHCPv4

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It is possible to specify a DUID as an identifier for host reservations. However, the value is misused by the server which compares the whole content of the client identifier option with a DUID. What it should do is to extract DUID from the client identifier option if the Type is 255 and compare with that. This ticket is to correct it.


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The proper handling of DUID value on the server side had been implemented as part of one of the previous ticket. I used this particular ticket to only add unit tests that check that reservation by DUID is possible and the proper address is assigned. I also extended an existing unit test to verify that the server picks the right order of identifier types to find a reservation.

This is not a user visible change so I a ChangeLog entry doesn't seem to be required.

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Configurations 4 and 5 should be better documented. Saying that
"Conf. 4 uses different values in host-reservation-identifers" suggest
that 2 uses it too, which is incorrect.

Very good test. Thanks for writing it.

Code builds and unit-tests pass on Ubuntu 15.10 x64.

With the minor update mentioned before, the code will ready for merge.

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Updated test configuration description and then merged with commit 36773ccfa58b450811d56beb6452bf6395bbb29e

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