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b10-auth duplicates same log message

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This is in the trac327 branch. This problem is not in trunk yet.

b10-auth --verbose shows two "sending a response" for a single query:

 [b10-auth] sending a response (67 bytes):
 [b10-auth] sending a response (134 bytes):

while tcpdump only shows one response:

(10:07:09) jreed: 11:29:07.926835 IP > UDP, length 134

Same log message used in two different places in

Fix is to use different messages so is not confusing.

Also I am unclear why the 67 byte one is not sent, because a recursive server receiving the 134 message ends up sending out 67 bytes itself.


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This looks to be the same bug as #462. I will close this bug if that fixes it.

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by jreed

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I tested trac462 and it fixes this. I will close this ticket now.

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