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Document how to add new options in the developer guide

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I think it might be useful to document how to add a new option in the developer guide - which files need to be updated, what goes into std_option_defs.h etc. Add some description of how the

I believe there are two parts to this:
1) simple options that we can describe with the current code for which I believe we update:
doc/guide/dhcp[4 6]-srv.xml, src/lib/dhcp/dhcp[4 6].h, src/lib/dhcp/std_option_defs.h, and src/lib/tests/

2) more complicated options for which we need to add new code to process packing and unpacking (either for a general class or for a specific option class). For these we have the above files and:
new files for the class for example src/lib/dhcp/option_vendor_class.[cc h], src/lib/dhcp/option_definiton.[cc h], a new test file for example src/lib/dhcp/tests/, src/lib/dhcp/ and src/lib/dhcp/tests/


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