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Kea Database Mysql Backend no save computer name

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Component: dhcp4 Version: 0.9.2
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I used kea 0.9.2 DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 Server with Mysql backend on Ubuntu 14.04.3. I have some problem,
when mobile machine (iphone, andriod platform). I check mysql database iit not save computer name.
How to check ip address assigned from mysql dabase or ?

Thank You


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comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by marcin

Hello --

Thank you for submitting your bug report and your interest in Kea.

I understood from your bug report that you're using a phone with a DHCP client to request configuration from Kea DHCP server. It is not clear to me if your client has successfully obtained the configuration from the DHCP server, e.g. has network connectivity over wifi? Or, perhaps it hasn't obtained the configuration from DHCP and you're trying to verify if the lease exists for it in the lease (MySQL) database? Can you let me know which one is the case?

You mentioned you're searching for the computer name in the lease database. The lease database would contain this name in the lease database if the client supplies it using the Host Name DHCPv4 option or Client FQDN DHCPv6 option. If the client doesn't supply it, the name will not be stored in the lease database. Again, it would be useful to know if you see leases in the database have hostnames stored in the "hostname" column?

The most reliable way to identify the lease in the database would be to use one of the unique identifiers that the client is using: HW address (MAC address), client identifier or DUID (DHCPv6). This requires that you know at least one of these identifiers. Note, that even if the client is using client identifier the HW address should still be present in the lease database. In case of DHCPv6 the DUID is most likely "made" from HW address so you should be able to find it in the database as a substring of DUID.

Marcin Siodelski

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comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by vchalong

My client has successfully obtained the configuration from the DHCPv4 Server, and can connect network (gateway, dns server) and connect any host.

For DHCPv6, Client (Microsoft Windows 8.1) cannot get any configuration for DHCPv6 Server. it run dual stack mode. but I use ISC-DHCP-SERVER (ipv4 and ipv6) is work. I will try to use database backend for development.

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