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Configuration scaling design

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Configuration scaling is an interesting problem. Kea now offers
reasonably high performance, leases per second wise. We managed to get
over 1000 leases/sec for MySQL and 8000 leases/sec for memfile in
memory-only mode on one of our high-performance servers. (Your mileage
may vary.) However, that was measured for unrealistic scenarios
(millions of clients connected to a single subnet). With increased
configuration complexity, the performance goes down.

This task is about improving configuration scalability, so it will be
possible to support thousands of subnets without performance degradation.
We haven't made any decisions yet, but it seems likely that we will allow
storing subnet configuration in a database. This most likely will be
an optional feature, so if you happen to have only five subnets, it
will be possible to define them in the configuration file and not need
to set up a database.

This step is about designing the solution.


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