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#3497 reviewing enhancement

Pkt4 class enhancements (contributed patch) — at Initial Version

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This is a sixth ticket created for a patch submitted by Shawn Lewis.

In some network scenarios where the relay server does not have a globally reachable IPv4 address, it may
need to relay the DHCP messages to a DHCP server via a GRE tunnel between the relay server and the
DHCP server. Then network headers from lower layers (IP layer, Ethernet layer) could be included in the
DHCP messages. In such cases, the Pkt4::unpack() function may need to skip these headers at the
beginning of the packet. Thus it would be handy to redefine the unpack function as Pkt4::unpack(int index),
where index has a default value of zero. In this way, a packet will be decoded from the beginning by
default. But the buffer4_recv() callout will have the option to skip several bytes if necessary.


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